BIR Forms

0605 - for payment of Annual Registration Fee and penalties

BIR Form 0605 is commonly used for the payment of the Annual Registration Fee. It is also used for payment of penalties such as those arising from lost Certificate of Registration, delayed printing of official receipts and the resolution of open cases.

1901 - for registration and changes to the COR

BIR Form 1901 is used when registering with BIR. This contains your information, the Tax Types and the details needed for your Official Receipt.

1906 - when printing official receipts and invoices

BIR Form 1906 is accomplished whenever invoices and receipts need to be printed. This is filled in with the details of the receipts, invoices and authorized printer. A draft of the receipt or invoice accompanies this document.

1905 - to update existing COR

BIR Form 1905 is used to update or make changes to existing Certificate of Registration. The most common applications include change in address, name and tax types. This is also used to close an active BIR profile and replace COR, ATP, and ID.